Mera Brides

MERA would like to extend our best wishes to all of our brides and their families.
We would be honored to feature a photo of you wearing your MERA gown in our “Mera Wedding Album” 

If you would like to appear in our MERA Brides album, please send us a snapshot, or scan of you on your wedding day.
(Photos cannot be returned, so please don’t send us anything irreplaceable.)

 Thank you for choosing Mera!  We look forward to receiving your photo.

Mehrnouch M. married Reza on Feb.19.2000 . 
Mehrnouch is wearing "Amie" in light Ivory.



Kathy H. Married to Fred Y. on May 28th,1999.
Kathy is wearing "Fern", a custom version of "Rosie" featuring freshly cut ferns.