Exclusive Distributor Program
  One of our main goals at MERA is to establish a strong relationship with our distributors. At MERA,
we understand the importance of maintaining customer satisfaction without compromising service or
price points. We want our distributors to feel confident in catering to their brides without competing
for local and regional pricing. To accomplish this, we offer exclusive distributorship to our retailers.
  To become an exclusive retailer, stores only need to carry three or more gowns from each new MERA
collection. In return, the retailer will be the only bridal shop in their immediate area to carry MERA
gowns. At the time of the order, we will determine which shops are in your immediate area and should,
therefore, be excluded from carrying our line.
  The Internet is quickly becoming the primary source for information and advertising worldwide. As part
of our Exclusive Distributor program, we invite our exclusive retailers to take advantage of the Internet's
potential to connect the consumer with your store. Through, our exclusive retailers
are offered a complimentary dedicated page on our web site promoting their exclusive relationship with
MERA. The store need only to provide their required information and our web team will do the rest.
  Along with your address and contact information, your page may include a photo of your salon, store
hours, as well as one or two descriptive paragraphs about your services. Also, you may include a map
and directions to your store, MERA trunk show and fashion show details and, if applicable, a link to
your web site. For retailers without an Internet presence, your exclusive web page will serve as a
valuable and useful sales and marketing tool.
Design Flexibility
  Design flexibility is an option MERA offers to ensure the satisfaction of both our stores and brides.
Minor design changes such as raising or lowering necklines or adding sleeves are available at minimal
costs. Brides may also create a semi-custom gown by combining a skirt and bodice from different
MERA designs.
  Additionally, most MERA gowns are offered in various fabrics to allow flexibility in cost.
Many of our distributors have been very pleased with this pricing system. This allows stores 
to carry our gowns in a higher price-point silk or offer them in a beautiful, quality polyester
at a much lower cost. Many beautiful color options are also available. At MERA, we always
try to accommodate special requests/orders.
Quality Manufacturing
  All of our dresses are fully underlined and lined, and come with an attached crinoline. 
We use only spiral metal boning and the finest quality coutil in our corsets and bodices. 
All MERA gowns are hand crafted in the United States.